TD Protection Membership

What Is TD Protection Membership?

As a criminal defense law firm we know the seriousness that comes along with a traffic ticket in California. Many people may think a traffic ticket is just like a parking ticket, but it is not at all. Traffic tickets can be very serious especially if you are a commercial driver or if it is a misdemeanor ticket. Nevertheless an attorney is always good to have on your side when you receive a traffic ticket if you want to keep your license and drive legally in California. An attorney will help you fight your ticket so that you are not found guilty on your alleged violation. The process of looking for an attorney can be very stressful and tiring. So we decided to start TD Protection, a ticket defense protection membership with our law firm. This ticket defense protection membership will allow you to pay low monthly payments and have a TD attorney defend you in court if you do receive a ticket in California. TD Protection provides way more than just an attorney to defend you in court, it provides you a safe haven when a ticket occurs keeping your license safe and wallet full. With our TD Protection membership our TD attorneys are at your service 24/7, you will never have to worry about hiring a traffic attorney or having expensive legal fees making the experience of a traffic ticket even worse. You may think you wont get the same legal experience since you are just paying low monthly payments, but this is not TRUE. Our ticket defense protection membership provides you the same legal representation if you were to retain our firm for your ticket without TD Protection just for cheaper since you are putting your trust in our firm for all your ticket defense needs before the ticket occurs.

   TD Protection Memberships

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