Beverly Hills Courthouse

The Beverly Hills Courthouse at 9355 Burton Way, Beverly Hills, is a traffic court handling traffic cases.

Address:Beverly Hills Courthouse
9355 Burton Way
Beverly Hills
California 90210
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Telephone:Clerk's Office: 310 288-1307
Phone Hours: 8:30 - 10:30 a.m.
                    1:30 - 3:30 p.m.
Traffic Ticket telephone payments: 213 742-6648

Hours of Operation:The courthouse is open from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday, except court holidays.

Links:Beverly Hills Courthouse info - with directions and parking information.
Beverly Hills Courthouse phone numbers.

Is your case in the Beverly Hills Courthouse?

Your case will be in the Beverly Hills Courthouse if:-

  • You were arrested or given a traffic ticket by the Beverly Hills Police Department in the city of Beverly Hills, California

  • - or - You were arrested or given a traffic ticket by a Sheriff's Deputy from the West Hollywood Sheriffs Station in the city of West Hollywood, California.

Your case will most likely be in the Beverly Hills Courthouse if:-

  • You were given a traffic ticket or arrested at the Universal City Walk by a sheriff's deputy from the West Hollywood station.

Check Your Traffic Court Location

The court name and address is marked on the bottom of your traffic ticket. If you don't know the court location of your ticket, see check status of your Los Angeles traffic ticket.

Traffic Ticket Due Date

Take note of the due date listed on the bottom of your ticket. You must take some action on your traffic ticket by this due date.

Expired registration or fix it tickets

Many people are given a traffic ticket for expired registration or a fix it ticket; then after they get new registration from the DMV, or get the fix it issue fixed or signed off, there is a common misconception that the matter has been taken care of and they don't have to go to court. Only they learn later that the ticket has not been taken care of -

  • They are now being charged with a failure to appear FTA

  • Their license has been suspended or about to be suspended because of a DMV hold (VC 40509.5 holds)

  • The fine has increased dramatically

  • And the ticket has been assigned to GC Services, a collection agency.

Is your traffic ticket now with GC Services?

If you have a traffic ticket in the Beverly Hills courthouse and your ticket is now with GC services and your license is suspended or about to be suspended and you are facing a much higher fine and you have a VC 40509.5 hold on your license, then call us immediately at 

(818) 213-5130.

We can help you fix this problem with GC services :-

  • We can clear the hold that is suspending your license without you having to go to the courthouse

  • We can help lower the fines and penalties associated with suspension and GC Services

Set up a court date or pay your ticket

Traffic Clerk's Office

If you have a traffic ticket in the Beverly Hills Courthouse, the Traffic Clerk's office :-

  • Is located on the first floor.

  • Is open from 8:30 am until 4:30 pm.

  • You can set up a court date to see a Judge at the Traffic Clerks office.

  • You can pay your ticket at the Traffic Clerks office.

Traffic tickets are heard in the courtroom, Department 4 located on the third floor.

Pay your traffic ticket

You can pay your ticket at the Traffic Clerks office. You can also try to do this online on the Los Angeles Superior Court website. (Please see why it's better to fight your traffic ticket rather than just pay it).

Red Light Camera Ticket

If you received a red light camera ticket in Beverly Hills from the Beverly Hills Police Department or a red light camera ticket in the City of West Hollywood from the West Hollywood Sheriff's Department and you were not the driver, we can help you get this red light camera ticket dismissed! Please call us to discuss (818) 213-5130.


Criminal Clerk's Office

The criminal clerk's office is located on the third floor of the Beverly Hills Courthouse and they are open from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.


Misdemeanor criminal cases are heard in the courtroom Department 2 located on the third floor.

Felony cases are heard in the courtroom Department 1 located on the third floor.

If you have a criminal case in the Beverly Hills Courthouse for one of the following :-

  • Driving on a Suspended License (VC 14601.1 or VC 14601.2)

  • Not having a California License (VC 12500)

  • Hit and Run (VC 20002)

  • DUI or Drug Possession (Health & Safety (H&S 11350) or under the influence of a controlled substance (Health & Safety (H&S 11550)

- then please call us for a free legal consultation about your case (818) 213-5130.

Arrest Warrant or Bench Warrant

If you have an arrest warrant or bench warrant for your arrest out of the Beverly Hills Courthouse or you think you might have a warrant for your arrest out of the Beverly Hills Courthouse please call to discuss immediately how we can help. (818) 213-5130.

- Beverly Hills Traffic Attorney - 

We Can Help You

If you do not have time to take off from work, call us at 818-213-5130 to speak with a Beverly Hills Traffic Ticket Attorney for a free legal consultation.  We can handle your Beverly Hills Court traffic ticket without you ever having to go to the traffic courthouse. Call us for advice and help on your ticket.  We can go in your place to fight your traffic ticket and fines. 

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